Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I think Bill Maher is a great, ballsy social commentator. Although I find alot of what he says humorous & spot-on, he can come off like a pompous jerk. Like other ideologues, his certainty in his atheism sometimes spawns arrogance. However, satire is a superior method for showing the inevitable absurdities in things like politics & religious dogma.

Maher's commentary on religion is especially pointed. As a practitioner of Monkey Buddhism, I can completely understand how his antagonistic approach to religious belief would offend some people. It's probably similar to the way I feel about Bill Donahue, the unbearably obnoxious head of some group called the Catholic League - which is apparently a league of Catholics.

The trailer for the movie "Religulous" is interesting, but I found the movie poster above, showing the "3 Major Monkey Religions", to be completely brilliant.

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hi THere,

I'm the guy who did the poster for internationnal release, thank for good comments.