Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Voting Mob

As he election gets closer, things are getting more interesting. I would have to say McCain has the angry redneck vote locked up.

Everybody, including me, has their opinions about who is better & why. The problem is that many people believe their personal perceptions are hard facts. This is often true for people of all political leanings.

The McCain campaign, though, has gotten bad press recently over the dangerous perceptions they have been provoking and encouraging in their 'less insightful' supporters. To equate Barack Obama with being a terrorist sympathizer is simply inflammatory. People are mostly disgusted by McCain & Palin's obnoxious attempts at character assassination.

On the other hand, Obama doesn't have to slander McCain with vindictive insinuations - such as being a reckless pilot, a Manchurian candidate, or a Vietnamese baby killer - because Obama has a positive message of hope that is actually resonating with people.

The reason McCain & his campaign are so irresponsible is because many of the voting masses are unfortunately not bright enough to discern the falseness of the inciteful rhetoric. Sen. McCain seems to have been trying to tone things down a bit, but even he can't control the cancerous hatred felt by the psychos in his base. The videos of Republican rallies and voters expressing venomous ignorance is really disturbing.

To be fair, voters on the Democratic side can be just as shallow in their convictions. (They just aren't stark-raving mad racists.)

Sean Hannity is an absolutely tremendous knuckle-headed jackass, but this clip shows the lack of information concerning basic policies & political philosophy that can exist among Obama supporters, too:

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