Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Obama 1/2 Hour

Obama is Ballin'!

I have to say Obama & his campaign impress me by at least thinking progressively & outside the box. Watching his half-hour infomercial/ad/documentary/biography that took up the major networks was planned pre-World Series game viewing for me. In addition to my love of general knowledge & trivia, I've considered political affairs much more intensely, thanks to the shocking malfeasance of Bush/Cheney's reign of error.

I'm sure plenty of people thought "The Obama 1/2 Hour" was an annoyance or just propaganda... but even my cynical eye was still impressed with the production, message, & boldness of it. I thought the ad was actually very engaging.

As someone who appreciates the intellectual heritage of humanity's great thinkers Heraclitus, the Dalia Lama, Isaac Newton, Howard Stern, and others, I don't say lightly that Obama is a brilliant person.

He doesn't even spend one minute attacking McPain in the entire 30 minute segment...

Classy and smart.
Hopefully America has learned & we get competent, intelligent leadership...

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