Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Obama vs. McCain II

Yes- as all the opinion polls show, Obama crushed McCain in both style & substance.

The long-legged freak is simply more intelligent, more articulate, & more empathetic to the real needs of this country.

It is funny how some of the "liberal" media pundits were originally trying to say McCain was aggressive & that the debate was essentially a tie as a result...

...that was until the polls started coming in & it was obvious the public had an overwhelming negative reaction to Sen. McCain's strained performance.

The only parts where I didn't think Obama came through all that great:
• when he slipped up & rightfully condemned the credit card industry of Delaware... oops,... championed by Joe Biden! I could tell in Obama's face that he realized he shouldn't have brought that up. If McCain had any wits about him, he would have jumped on Biden's connection to that industry.
• I can't stand Obama's rhetoric about Pakistan & Bin Ladin. "I wil hunt Bin Ladin down & kill him." No Barack... no you won't. Stop propogating the myth that Osama bin Ladin is America's own perpetual boogeyman. The idea of striking within Pakistan without the government's help is no different than invading Iraq illegally.

Otherwise, Obama came across as Presidential, & McCain looked like the out-of-touch retiree that he truly is.

I saw this graphic on The Great Orange Satan, Daily Kos & thought it was tremendously funny, as well as spot-on:

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