Saturday, January 16, 2010

Adam Crossley @ The Tin Angel

Last night, I had the pleasure to have sort of mini-reunion with friends from high school.

We came to the Tin Angel on 2nd St. in Philly to watch my fellow Delsea H.S. alum & Billboard artist Adam Crossley perform.

Adam has always been a character w/ a great sense of humor. He has grown into a talented artist, and the intimate venue was perfect for the performance he gave for family, friends & fans that were there.

I went up with my old chums Dan & Don, but saw alot of other people I knew. The place was sold out & Adam gave a great show with amazing music & funny anectodes. He cut it a little short so he could go out & talk to everyone, but he did a superb job.

Dan, Adam, Me, & Don
(My friends are tall.)

After Adam performed, two ladies who go by the name Dala played. They were folksy and had an irresistible sweetness about them. They did a cover of Bad Romance that was neat & they were overall really good, too. I would totally be their groupie. :D

Me & the ladies from Dala

After the show, alot of people went to The Continental for some late night drinks & food. We got to chill in a more private setting which was fun.

Me, Jana, Dan, Adam, & Don
@ the Continental

After that, we went to Triumph Brewery for a beer before heading home. All in all, it was a great night & it's cool to see a friend being such a creative success that can bring people together.

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