Thursday, January 28, 2010

Obama's State of the Union

As I said in a previous post, last nite I chilled out with a beer & food to watch President Obama give his State of the Union speech.

Even though alot of his judgment & politics can be called into question, the guy gives a hell of a speech. It was probably the best political speech I've ever heard, and I'm pretty cynical. Unfortunately, this country is so jaded from individual gratification & superhuman expectations that no one person can possibly please everyone as the country's administrative head.

As an Independent who voted for him, my reaction was overwhelmingly positive to his overall approach. I'm not so naive to think he's going to do everything he talked about or can get the troglodytes in the GOP & corporate wing of the Democrats to work with him.

To me a speech like this is about vision and a sense of leadership as much as specific policy promises. That being said, now Obama's got to roll up his sleeves and keep hammering publicly for the ideals and values he spoke about. There were several things I didn't completely agree with & things I know will probably never get done. However, he is an intelligent leader who appears to be doing the best he can in the bureaucratic madhouse he is operating within. In my expert opinion, Obama is The Man.

For people who just don't like Obama for any reason, I would recommend watching some all too recent video of the 8 year debacle that America suffered under- the George W. Bush/Dick Cheney Presidency. If you actually feel nostalgic about those Dark Ages, then you're simply a masochist. The 20-30% of the country that approved of the Bush Administration are mostly CEO millionaires or People of Walmart.

All I ever heard when the War Monkey spoke was:

God I just found this & it is awesome:

Give me Obama over that idiot any day.

Speaking of idiots, after the speech I was flipping through the cable news circus- watching classic Chris Matthews letting his mouth outrace his brain & Arianna Huffington complaining in her barely tolerable accent.

However, all of these gasbags sounded like Rhodes scholars once I switched to Fox News & heard the shrill voice that instantly assaulted my nervous system. That knucklehead Sean Hannity was interviewing reknown fame-hound, (oops I mean pitbull, or do I mean pit-iful bull-shitter?...) Sarah Palin. What a meeting of the minds these 2 dopes produce when they're together.

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