Thursday, January 14, 2010

Disaster, Dolts & the Devil

Most people are aware of the devastating earthquake that hit an already impoverished Haiti.

Many people around the world are trying to figure out the best way to help, but career assholes like Rush Limbaugh & Pat Robertson have wasted no time using this tragedy to push their own rotten agendas.

Pat Robertson's idiotic theory that Haiti's situation is a result of a "pact with the Devil" is a prime example of the problems with unreasoning fundamentalism of any flavor.

First of all, a horrific event like this makes the concept of 'a loving God' seem pretty ridiculous. It's one of countless horrible situations existing simultaneously around the globe that cannot be squared with the idea of a personal god with our best interests in mind.

The world seems to be a chaotic experience w/ no benevolent deities protecting us.

Furthermore, the idea that Robertson's God would 'allow' the deaths of thousands in retribution for some perceived insult or falling away means that if his petty God did exist, he would be a total jerk. I'd find more comfort in seeing the world as miraculously random. God may create jerks, but 'It' (God) should not have the capacity to be a jerk 'Itself.'

Speaking of jerks, I'm more inclined to believe that Sarah Palin's TV commentating debut on Fox News actually sent out a seismic shockwave of stupid that manifested into a catastrophic earthquake. I would say 'God help us', but there may be nothing that can be done in the face of Mayan Palingenesis 2012.

This particular segment of her recent interview w/ Glenn Beck is dripping with sanctimonious drivel... or as The Pasty One himself says, "Bullcrap!"

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