Monday, January 25, 2010

Acoustic Levitation: Old News

Warning: the sound in this video is annoying

This video shows objects hovering in mid-air due to resonating sound vibration. Since I always assume that video or images are fake, I looked into the topic a little more. Acoustic levitation is an area of research that has produced plenty of tangible results.

Scientists Levitate Small Animals

How Acoustic Levitation Works

Of course, we all know that Tibetan monks have already unlocked this ability, so it's kind of old news:

Acoustic Levitation Of Stones

Seriously, though, is this how Edward Leedskalnin built his Coral Castle?!? I'd like to think so.
Perhaps he understood the eternal mysteries of the vibrational forces of the Universe that we are just beginning to comprehend.

There has been speculation that even some ancient megalithic builders had unlikely technologies like electricity, anti-gravity, etc.. Maybe the ancient Egyptian ankh was actually a high-tech tuning fork!...

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