Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2008 Election Madness w/ Sarah Palin

I was watching Chris Matthews jabber over his guests & he was talking about the book Game Change that has all kinds of behind-the-scenes revelations about the last Presidential campaign.

National politics is one of my interests, and this past campaign had very intriguing issues & people. Ultimately, you cannot separate the issues of public life from the myriad personalities debating those issues. Therefore gossip will always be a part of the political world... until we are ruled over by machines.

One particular tidbit I heard about the sassy she-devil Sarah Palin really made me laugh. Apparently besides not knowing a damn thing about American history or much of anything else substantial, she couldn't stop calling now Vice President Joe Biden the wrong name- "O'Biden"!

I thought she was just trying to be cute when she asked Biden "Can I call ya Joe?"- but it turns out she was trying to avoid saying his last name.

The best part is that she actually slipped up & called him "O'Biden"!!!

Sure it's inane, but so is she.
I thought it was a funny subtle moment that speaks to her broader wackiness. Since I didn't have access to polls before the election showing how horribly team McPain were doing, I was scared to death that her crazy ass was going to be running the country...

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