Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Relaxation Meditation

I recently saw an article on Huffington Post about the intersection of two topics I consider myself well-versed in: Buddhism and sleep.

It is an excellent look into the chaotic nature of our minds and the simplicity behind meditation, which is nothing more than looking inside one's self & quieting the mind. The continuous mental chatter of "conscious thought" can be dissolved through focusing awareness- as a result, inner and outer reality can be experienced more deeply & directly.

Of course, I have always been amused by the analogy of the mind to a restless monkey:

Buddhist thought appeals to me because of the awareness by the Buddha & his teaching that there is no such thing as a doctorine of Absolute Truth- which doesn't actually exist in religion or science or anything else, for that matter (...and that's the absolute truth).

Also, it is a fascinating psychological system that has cultivated a mindset that's very different to traditional Western spiritual understanding. Since I really became exposed to the general philosophy of Buddhism in a Religions of the World course back in college, it has continued to be one of many sources of wisdom I try to draw from.

Being a Monkey Buddha, I don't need to sit cross-legged and chant mantras to meditate. However, I do need to cut out the TV, PS3, & computer once in awhile to just lay down & stare at the ceiling or close my eyes and listen to my breathing or the leaves blowing outside. Doing nothing has always given me great satisfaction. :)

Speaking of which, my only plans for tonight is to grab a beer & a sandwich while I watch The State of the Union performance by The Long-Legged Mack Daddy. I'm an avid observer of national politics, so this is required viewing. Last time, a Congressional redneck yelled at Obama, so it could get interesting...

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