Thursday, March 04, 2010

Daily Show vs. Fox News- Fair & Balanced?

I watch the Daily Show every night because Jon Stewart is consistently on target with humor that covers the entire spectrum of politics & current events.

Sometimes though, he smashes a home run with ruthless, irreverent commentary about a deserving target.

Last nite he tore into the unashamedly right-wing propaganda outlet that is Fox News. The specific victim was Fox 'news' anchor Megyn Kelley and her lack of 'fair & balanced' reporting.

The Daily Show:

Personally, I think they should leave the hot chick alone, & just continually hammer the biggest knucklehead on television, Sean Hannity and his esteemed colleague: The Minister of Misinformation, Glenn Beck. Those two ideological jerk-offs make Bill O'Reilly seem like a voice of reason. However, I have to admit that I do sometimes try to watch Fox News programming. It's like watching a documentary on a serial killer- it is fascinating in a disturbed sort of way to see the warped sense of the world that is portrayed.

Although I'm more philosophically aligned with them, I also usually have trouble watching liberal MSNBC hosts Keith Olberman & Rachel Maddow when their hyperbole and self-righteousness skew the objective reporting. The difference between myself and the average Fox News viewer, however, is that I'm informed from a wide enough range of regional, national, & international sources to know when I'm being fed B.S. by someone with an agenda. Someone who only watches Glenn Beck's Clown Show for 'news' is wallowing in a toxic pit of ignorance in which 'The Government' is a insidious force of evil & President Obama is a Socialist Tyrant. I believe there should be voices of opposition to any government or administration, but the debate should be based on facts, not hysteria. Fox News has made manipulating the misinformed opinion-making for the American sheeple into an artform.

Anyway, the Daily Show's other topic of predictable amusement was the one-woman traveling circus, Sarah Palin.

The Daily Show:

On a side note, I'm linking to Hulu video while I still can, since Comedy Central's video embedding code is still crap & I don't feel like figuring it out.

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