Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Student Loan Reform

Besides the health insurance industry, the cost of higher education in this country has also been growing to increasingly ridiculous levels. They are both basically scams that are more like casinos than public services.


I still have about $15K left in student loans to pay off after being out of school almost a decade. Thankfully I have a good job as a result of my graphic design degree, but the amount of debt can feel like being in indentured servitude, & for what?... taking some classes that may or may not result in finding a career in that field. That's why it's comparable to a casino.

Despite the grumblings of Boehner the Orange, President Obama has signed a significant bill regarding student loan practices & terms. Though it may not affect the actual cost of college, it may make it a more viable option for people & save taxpayer money.

Christian Science Monitor:
I for one am glad to see the Obama Administration & Congress moving on things like this, whether or not is an ideal solution. Issues like health care & education are fundamental to society's progress.

It's good the Democrats have a sense of urgency about these issues, in case the American people decide they need right-wingers back in power to finish their regressive rampage.

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