Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fox News Photoshopping

I watch Fox News occasionally to get alternate slants on the news, but to me it is more like a bizarre carnival show than a primary source of objective information.

When it comes to the Fox opinion stars, like professional knuckleheads Glenn Beck & Sean Hannity, I am on the complete opposite wavelength. Alot of the views being propagated from this 'news' entity are seriously skewed.

As a professional designer, I consider myself an expert in digital imaging. Therefore, I was partly dismayed & partly amused to see that the Fox News website is accepting submissions from the cesspool of image editing ability. As put it so well, "Fox News Encourages Old Poor People to Try Photoshop."

Predictably for Fox News, most of the laughably primitive digital renderings are from the 'conservative' range of the political spectrum.

There is overwhelmingly just bad cut & paste jobs like this:

To be 'fair & balanced', there are some funny ones...

I really admire Dennis Kucinich, but this had me laughing out loud:

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