Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Secret of Kells

On The Teleomorph I saw the trailer for an animated film that appears to be about Celtic culture and the famous Irish illuminated gospel known as The Book of Kells. I noticed it was nominated for at least one Oscar last nite. I think it looks pretty cool, but at the rate I watch movies, it may be a few years before it see it.

I saw this image on the movie website. It is a great illustration of the vibrancy of Celtic attitudes toward the natural world intertwining with the artistic sensibilities of the medieval Irish monks.

The image at the top of the page is another graphically playful example of this interaction between nature, the mind of man, & artistic creations...

I have an Italian last name, but 3 of my grandparents were Irish, so I've always had a sense of pride & interest in the historic culture of Ireland.

When my sister took a trip over to Ireland she brought me back some nice art prints that I have framed. She got me a copy of the Irish Proclamation of 1916 & a couple pages from The Book of Kells at Trinity Library.

Specifically, one of the posters is this iconic Kells illumination of the authors of the 4 gospels:

Here is a link to a good image that shows more detail of these intricate designs:

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