Monday, March 15, 2010

Don't Believe Your Eyes

Working in Photoshop & other visual media gives me some perspective on the manipulation of imagery.

Whereas many people passively consume news & entertainment media, I find myself constantly analyzing the content as well as the presentation of any production: lighting, graphic treatments, visual effects, etc.

I also find endless amusement from the explosion of humorous Photoshopped pictures on the Internet. It really is a Renaissance of the Absurd.

Some problems can arise because some imagery can be so convincing that it fools or deceives people into believing what their seeing. Throughout history, image manipulation has continually improved ahead of the public's ability to discern the created content from reality.

This is a excellent timeline of photographic fraudulence:

Sometimes, though, the artist can still come up short:

Modern Hollywood production is continually advancing the latest arts of visual trickery. Despite my discerning eye, this video I saw linked on revealing the green screen elements in TV shows kind of blew me away.

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