Saturday, March 20, 2010

'Ghost Recon 2' Review & Video Game Violence

I recently finished the PS3 game Ghost Recon: "Advanced Warfighter 2" that I borrowed from my brother.

It was a cool game, my only complaint is the ending was kind of abrupt. The idea is that you are an elite modern soldier equipped with a virtual heads-up display that gives you all kinds of real-time control over battlefield intel & other units.

Although it was engaging, it didn't blow me away or anything, so I'm not gonna spend alot of time on it...

• The Monkey Buddha's official rating: 7.5

The interesting thing about games like Ghost Recon that use 'augmented reality' tech is that it's an extrapolation of the information delivery systems that are already being developed. My friend recently lent me the intense space horror, "Dead Space," which also conceptualizes the practical applications of personal augmented reality devices.

Just like sci-fi literature, video games & simulations can be an incubator for development of new ideas.

On the other hand, one of the biggest criticisms of video games throughout their history- the use of violence & other 'objectionable' material. I saw this link on BoingBoing to the audio documentary about the history of military games:

I've played some 'violent' games over the years from Contra to Doom to Wolfenstein 3D to Mortal Kombat to Hitman to the greatest offender of all, Grand Theft Auto. Despite participating in these arguably 'corrupting' experiences, I have always been a total pacifist & of a sound mind (right?, right?, right?). Granted video games are designed to manipulate one's emotions & mental state, but what immersive fiction isn't- whether it be books, movies, or games?

5 Creepy Ways Video Games
are Trying to Get You Addicted.

The danger is someone who is already mentally unbalanced- but such a person could be set off by any negative stimulus. If video games really affected normal people's behavior, there would be many dozens of killings, crimes, & generally crazy things going on in every town, every single day.

Conflict, sex, & survival are fundamental elements of human life, so as long as we inhabit our physical bodies, we will continue incorporating them into our games & other forms of creative expression.

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