Monday, March 01, 2010

Monkey Comic Cover Gallery

On, there was a priceless gallery of comic book covers featuring monkeys in any number of insane scenarios.

It's hard to pick out a favorite, but this one is special, an issue of Strange Adventures featuring "Challenge of the Gorilla Genius".

You just can't go wrong combining monkeys and comic books. Even when it's stupid it's awesome.

The archive of crazy comic covers,, has a dedicated category called Everything's Better With Monkeys. It's a genre all its own.

For the record, I've previously pointed out such brilliant comic monkey character studies as Gotham's Bat-Ape and Superman's hairy harbinger of chaos, Beppo The Super Monkey.

Here is a rendering I made a few years ago of the hypothetical encounter between the exiled Beppo & Curious George in Space.
That Beppo's a real rascal...

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