Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Heroes of the Stupid

The Daily Show:

As the Health Care Bill passes & civilization continues, national attention has been directed toward the phenomenon of the Tea Party. It is clearly is a movement of many concerned but well-meaning citizens. Unfortunately they are being represented by the most vapid & cynical misinformation peddlers outside of televangelism.

The artist in me tends to prefer the idea of free expression. I also understand the importance of the 2nd amendment as a means of self-defense for citizens. Therefore, it's hard for me to advocate shutting down every 'militant' group just because they are anti-government or full of nutty creeps. Even irrational hate groups like neo-Nazis and the robed hillbillies in the Klan should regrettably be allowed to have marches & spout their crappy ideologies. If anything, it lets the rest of society see how twisted they are.

However, when individuals or groups cross the line into directed threats of personal violence toward others- then, they becoming criminals.

This is what so many people find distasteful about Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin. They are national figures, influential with a *highly* suggestible segment of the population, who are subtly suggesting militant insurrection against the government & it's officials. Palin especially likes to give off the impression that's she'd proudly display Obama & Pelosi's heads as hunting trophies. Unfortunately, many Tea Party protesters who are rightly concerned about government are being overshadowed by the facetious hysteria being whipped up by these know-nothing buffoons with TV shows & Hand-O-Prompters.

Just like the 'far-left' activists Code Pink recently trying to arrest 'Turd Blossom' himself, Karl Rove, the freaks of the right-wing are going to cause the biggest commotion. By not outright denouncing the wackiest elements like The "Birthers" & the Glenn Beck Revolutionary Guard, the GOP & entire conservative philosophy is being defined by the most unreasonable fringes of the movement.

Sarah Palin is a personality who is as fascinating as a horrific car wreck. If there is one person who the intelligentsia of this country would overrule free speech to put a muzzle on, it is "Mooselini" herself.

Here is a quick IQ test. Do you find the clip below to be inspiring?......

If yes,
Congratulations! You're an idiot!

If God decides to be a total jerk & damn me for Eternity, that is the voice I'll hear in an endless loop in Hell.

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