Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Disaster in Japan

Humanity has been violently humbled once again by the limitless, unstoppable power of nature.

Like everyone else in the world, I've been looking at the mind-numbingly horrific pictures and video coming out of Japan. What a nightmare.

Due to the ubiquitous nature of the ever-growing Internet, the earthquakes, tsunami, and nuclear explosions are unfolding before our eyes in near real time. People all over the world are captivated because we are all subconsciously observing our own fragile mortality, as individuals & as a collective human race.

Massive catastrophes like this completely defy our sense of reason. The core of a human being is survival of the self and the community, so the completely indifferent chaos of planetary forces can shake apart the illusory sense of 'Meaning' that people create to define their own existence.

Hopefully, this situation stabilizes at some point & the Japanese people can begin to rebuild their country. I'd like to think that out of this unbelievable tragedy, some lessons are learned to improve the human condition. Some issues that have to be addressed by the world are; developing new sources of energy, forward-looking methods of building towns in danger zones, and most of all- what the hell will we all do if an even bigger threat, like a cosmic event, threatens or actually decimates humanity around the globe?!?!?!?!? We are an undetected meteor away from reverting to cavemen.

Of course, some buffoons will always say idiotic things despite the gravity of any situation & this is no different. I hate to even bring that doofus Glenn Beck up, but so much of what he says is demonstrably wrong...
Concerning the crisis in Japan, The Pasty Purveyor of Paranoia claimed not to know "God's business"- but then predictably speculates on God's reasons for angrily kicking the tectonic plates near Japan, like a big omnipotent jerk.

What a goddamn fool. There is no 'message from God'.
Any perceived 'meaning' is the human brain applying connective significance to events. Does he really think God uses natural disasters like angry text messages that we're somehow supposed to decipher?

We are all at the mercy of an amazing, crazy, tumultuous world- and that's all there is to it.

On a different note, I saw on The Secret Sun this interesting look at this coastal disaster in Japan and the coinciding recent announcement of a tidal wave-stricken site in Spain that is being called proof of Atlantis.

Whether or not the myth of Atlantis is true, the devastation in Japan shows how these kind of cataclysmic events could have easily wiped out thriving ancient cities & perhaps even civilizations. In fact, the sea around Japan itself may hold remnants of a lost culture from the past in the so-called Yonaguni pyramids. We have only begun to shed light on the darkness enveloping our view of human history.

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