Thursday, March 10, 2011

Michael Moore "America is Not Broke"

The Teabaggers & the more conservative voters had their chance to get all pissed off last year, when they protested the health care bill being written under Democratic government.

I didn't think I'd so soon see the progressive equivalent, on an even greater scale.

Americans, ever the masochists, were swayed in the last elections by crafty conservative messaging into electing more Republicans. The GOP has since been forcefully pursuing their openly corporatist agendas on the state & federal levels. The party is now pursuing its standard course toward neo-feudalism, but with a vengeance in a number of states.

The people are realizing the consequences of the elections, as they see the common good abandoned for the advantage of influential donors. Many probably thought it couldn't get any worse by voting for the other party, but they were predictably wrong. Now, it seems like the progressive & moderate working people of the country are lashing out at the extreme push to the right that these politicians are trying to implement.

In Wisconsin, the weeks-long standoff between workers' unions & corporatist politicians took a turn in recent days. The Republicans made a surprise move to pass their union-busting bill through shady maneuvers that have since raised hell there.


Anyway, a couple days ago, unabashed progressive film-maker Michael Moore went to Wisconsin to give a speech for the workers protesting there. I've been a fan of Moore's & he was one of the few loud voices of reason during the political hellscape of the Bush-Cheney years.

Yeah he's a frumpy looking guy & can be overly-melodramatic, but he's fighting the right fight. The ideologues & haters who think he's a 'socialist' or 'anti-American' don't realize he's fighting for their sorry ass, too. He got deservedly rich by trying to expose corruption & help the citizenry, not trying to screw them over.

Moore was also on Rachel Maddow last night, trying to inject some common sense into the conversation surrounding the political battles taking place across the country.

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