Saturday, March 05, 2011

Religion: A Study in Contrasts

A comparison of interactions, between religious groups:

Religious Diversity: Walking to End Hunger from on Vimeo.

This proves that religious expression is not inherently divisive. People should be able to follow whatever cosmological mythology they think is true for them.

Good people of all faiths can find ways to co-exist and work together- to solve more problems than they create.

The conflicts always arise from the minority of frightened, stupid, and hateful people in any given religious group. If it weren't in the name of their particular religion, the ignorant would find other excuses for projecting their paranoid emotional dysfunction onto others.

Maybe one day we'll be able to grow out of this kind of tribal madness... but probably not until telepathic communications are developed. Only then, will people be guaranteed a sense of empathy and regard for the conscious state of other beings.

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