Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Howard Stern Rolling Stone Interview

Continuing on the lighter note of my last post's theme, I recently saw some excerpts from the recent Rolling Stone interview w/ one of my lifelong idols- champion of free-expression, Howard Stern.

Rolling Stone:
"Howard Stern on Sex, Therapy and Charlie Sheen"

In this piece & his TV interviews, Howard comes off as hopelessly neurotic. You would think with all those years of TM, transcendental meditation, he'd figure out how to address his anxieties and fears.

I've been listening to the Stern show since I was a teenager. I'd listen on the schoolbus w/ my FM Walkman- while doing my homework on the ride, at the last minute. My senior year, my guidance counselor would let me go down to his office & hang out so I could hear the show, instead of sitting in English class.

When 'The Howard Stern Show' flipped to Sirius, I signed right up. Sirius is an amazing service, though & I'd keep it for the music even if Howard left. As for the show itself, having the hysterical Artie Lange out of commission without putting anyone in his place has been a detriment, in my opinion. I don't understand how they haven't given one of the many funny people out there a shot on the show. However, it's still fun to listen to & Howard's definitely got a few years of entertainment left in him.

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