Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Sinéad & Irish Music

I'm watching this documentary on PBS about the history of Irish music, for like the 3rd time.

Despite my Italian last name, 3 of my grandparents were from Irish backgrounds. The country & culture have always interested me:

My sister's been there, & I would like to go there one day. I think I'd like to go to Italy first, though.

Anyway, I saw this song on the show. People were talking over it, so I looked it up online. Sinéad O'Connor is singing the classic Irish ballad Foggy Dew. The music is by the legendary band The Chieftains.

This song is as Irish as it gets...

Sinéad made a big stink when she tore up the picture of the pope on SNL.
The outrage from that protest act shows how easily excitable people are. The Pope is just an old guy who loves to wear fabulous outfits. The idea that any person possesses divine authority is silly. He's just the President of the Catholics (or is that Bill Donahue?). He doesn't have any more of a direct line to God than I do... but every institution, religious or otherwise, tends to create a figurehead of some sort.

Try telling all that to Ol' Blue Eyes, though (played Phil Hartman)

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