Saturday, March 26, 2011

Free Energy

Recently I was thinking about the problems with energy we have- the costs of oil, the deadly potential of nuclear power, the price of heating and cooling homes, etc.

In the sky there is this huge ball of practically limitless energy, constantly streaming around us. The Sun produces more energy than we could ever use, if it could be more effectively collected.

Amount of Energy
Earth Gets from the Sun

Anyway, observing the Sun in the sky while thinking about this stuff compelled me to quickly put this simple graphic together:

Originally, the graphic had the question, "Why can't energy be free?"
I understand why energy transmission might cost money, but it's important to ask the question & think about the process.

Eventually, I decided to use "Free Energy" because it was more direct.

It also gave me the slightly humorous impression of "Energy" being a political prisoner who needed to be freed.

In actuality, there is limitless energy everywhere around us.
Until we figure out how to tap the quantum field or whatever energy matrix we are moving around in, we'll have to focus on more obvious sources of renewable energy.

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