Saturday, March 05, 2011

Living the Sheen Dream

This week America was unwittingly exposed to the addictive substance known as Charlie Sheen.

From his weekend drug & hooker binge, to supposedly coming clean, flying to the Bahamas with his 'goddesses', to his round of outspoken interviews... the guy's been on a media rampage.

If he didn't have kids, I would say his antics were awesome. I don't think he's even being all that "crazy"... just really entertaining. Does that make me crazy? As long as he's not doing drugs or acting out violently, I don't think there's a problem. Even though his test are coming up clean, it's hard to believe he's not amped up on some kind of chemicals. Regardless, he has proven to be a one-man meme generator.

He's probably just trying to be 'edgy', but the talk of "violence" is the one other thing I do find disturbing, and it doesn't help his cause. Who knows where this crazy train is heading?....

People are continually fascinated by someone who breaks the mold & expresses themself in a unique way. Personality and personal drama trumps everything in the news. Charlie's right to wonder about society's priorities:

Yes Charlie, shame on us all...


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