Wednesday, November 15, 2006

DaVinci's Challenge @

My company 3Amoebas, Inc. finally has a website up. It is also the official homepage of "DaVinci's Challenge". There is alot of info & links that I've been archiving here on my blog, but now there is an permanent product page for the DaVinci's Challenge games. I think it turned out pretty cool, and I'm looking forward to adding the licensed game "24: Countdown" I developed and other projects coming down the pipeline.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Knucklebones: DaVinci's Challenge Review

The January issue of Knucklebones game magazine has a positive review of the DaVinci's Challenge game. It's still hard to wrap my head around the fact that something I created can be enjoyed by so many people.
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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Mexico Still Protesting Elections

Unlike the mainstream media, I've been following the news of ongoing Mexican protests over their Presidential elections (which were ultimately decided by a court... how novel!) They have determination & persistence that seems frighteningly absent from the American population.

I wonder what level of criminality would be required to cause Americans to rise up in the same way. (Certainly not rigged presidential elections.)

Protesters turn Mexican University
into Stronghold in Oaxaca Rebellion

I'm still convinced my Mom started this when we were in Mexico's Riviera Maya this summer. Our driver to the airport, who was a Mayan, was talking with us about their government and my Mom told him "they got to get together and speak out." Thet took her advice and then some!

The End of the Beginning

Wow, I have to say I'm kind of stunned at the lack of major election chaos, which seemed almost inevitable. The level of frustration and desire for change was just to great for Diebold to fuck with, I guess.
As smooth as the process seems only a couple days after the vote, I've become a complete skeptic under the rule of the War Monkey and always anticipate the worst-case scenario. There are people making alot of money from war and chaos... and people who profit from death and misery obviously have no scruples.

Rummy's out... one Horseman down, three to go!

This election has resulted in a silent sigh of relief from most of the country and, perhaps moreso, from the world. The level of awareness and connectivity, even in a propaganda-ridden and commercialized society such as ours, is pretty impressive and is a testament to human intelligence and spirit. However, citizens need to be diligent regardless who's in charge. In fact, the Democrats will be held up to harsher scrutiny because of the high expectations for drastic change. I can't see how they could possibly do worse than the goons, criminals, and lackeys who made up the Republican Congress & House we've had under Dubya.

GOP Scandal Scorecard
Warning - it's a long one!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Worst Video Game Names

As a game and toy designer, I know that one of the biggest concerns about developing any product is the name. That's why the titles on this list of the Worst Video Game Names just blows my mind.
How could anyone approve a game for kids called "Sticky Balls" or "Nuts & Milk"?

My favorite (since the word 'Dude' is used nonstop between me & my brothers)...


"Hey Dudes!" - Big Paul aka Dad