Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Santa vs. Krampus - No Gifts This Year?

I'm getting in the Christmas spirit & excited for my son to celebrate his 2nd Christmas, so I figured I'd share some fun holiday artwork:

does it mean there will be no gifts this year?
by Jakub Rozalski

I'd recommend looking at his other artwork, there is a lot of awesome fantasy & horror imagery. There are many crazy themes other than Santa being in creepy situations.

Jakub Rozalski

Sunday, December 12, 2021


It's been awhile since I last posted, about the science behind the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine & how it was designed.

Visualizing COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines

Unfortunately, since then, my 1-1/2 year old son was infected, from being around unvaccinated family members who went to a party where many people ended up getting sick. After he got sick, my wife and I also tested ourselves, and at first both tested negative. Paulie was sick last Monday, and thankfully he was back to normal within a couple days.

However, I started getting sick this past Thursday, so I stayed home from work on Friday. I guess a lot of people are getting sick now, because pharmacies are sold out of the COVID rapid tests. My mom finally got a pack of tests for us, so I tested myself again today & it came up positive.

My wife is a nurse, so she has been going in to her hospital to get tested. Through luck & her own diligence, she has remained negative so far, despite being in the house with us. She has been making sure we stay masked in the house, and we have been trying to avoid contact & have been sleeping in separate rooms.

I am grateful that my son recovered quickly, and also that my symptoms were relatively mild. I had a slight fever the first couple days, but nothing crazy. Mostly it has been like a really bad head cold. Some people would point to this as proof that the vaccine doesn't work, but those people are idiots. The vaccine is not a 100% guarantee against being sick. I see it as the vaccine preventing me from developing more serious symptoms, as a result of direct exposure.

Speaking of idiots, a comment on my last post reads as follows:

"Don't Believe these videos! They are Faucci Propaganda tapes to control us and take away our Freedoms!! If you love America, for the love of God, take off your masks!!! The Globalist Pedo Scumbags want to feed our children to the elite and jab us with this poison!!!"

It's a sad state of affairs when I honestly can't tell if this is one of my brothers trolling me, or a seriously deluded jackass commenting on a scientifically-based post.

Anyway, since my son was born, my wife & I have been worrying about raising a baby during this pandemic. We have done our best to protect him & ourselves from exposure, but we were never willing to completely isolated ourselves from our families, who in some cases were nowhere near as conscientious as we were about the danger of the virus. We knew this would result in risk of eventual exposure, and it finally happened. We couldn't force other people take it as seriously as we did, and this is the result. The only way it could've been totally avoided was years-long quarantine from loved ones, and we just weren't willing to do that.

I have to say that all the talk of "independence" & self-determination, freedom from government control, distrust of the science, etc. is all bullshit once you're the one severely ill, in the hospital on oxygen, or dead - as many people we know personally have unfortunately ended up.

People, especially self-centered "freedom-loving" Americans, hate the idea of mandatory vaccines & masks. However, how else is the government supposed to keep this kind of infectious disease under control, when the population is too ignorant, misinformed, & fucking inconsiderate to do the right thing for the welfare of the community, as a whole? It's a real problem, and the reason why issues such as nationalized health insurance are so difficult to advocate for - anything that helps other people is seen as "socialism," which in this ass-backwards country is bad thing.

In other words, we're fucked as a society... because of all the selfish fools who think that they are actually the geniuses.