Wednesday, September 30, 2009

pissed off as hell obama needs to be inpeached

If there was such a thing as an "Anti-Monkey Buddha," this guy might qualify.

I saw this enlightening video on BoingBoing & can understand why a representative (as opposed to a direct) democracy was formed.

However, I do amazingly agree with skoalrebel that the government should not make whiskey-flavored tobacco dip illegal. That's just un-American.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

20 of the Worst Designed Websites

As a commercial artist, my usual instincts are to design for maximum visual harmony. In college one of my professors said that you have to know the rules to break the rules. So, examples of really "bad" art & design often amuse me since it's all subjective in my mind, anyway.

I forget where originally I saw this now, but this link has 20 really good selections of horribly designed websites:

"20 of the Worst Designed
Websites In the World

Somehow, this list missed a completely chaotic, bizarre, & schizophrenic creation that I came across a while ago:

Friday, September 25, 2009

Bacon is Good for Me!!!

Youtube is really an amazing thing.

It's definitely one of the greatest creative tools ever developed.
My brother has a Youtube channel & it's a wonderfully free medium. Ordinary people now have tremendous power of self-expression that such an accessible service provides.

Of course, the main reason Youtube exists is to provide mind-boggling, crazy, entertaining content:

Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama

Weng Weng Rap

Mz. Peachez - Ghetto Fried Chicken

Starfish Hitler, Dictator of Hell

Experiencing God With Reverend Alicia

In my random web browsing, I came across another absolute gem in the Youtube diamond mine. This video is from the ridiculous show "Wife Swap" & this little bastard has had enough of his temporary "new" mom.

Someone made a comment about the kid in the video saying that he's a real-life Eric Cartman, which is right on.

To ensure this videos place in the Pantheon of Youtube Classics, a parody has been made in the form of a spectacular remix that made me laugh out loud. I came across this on Ebaum's World.

I defy you not to sing " good for me!" in your head after hearing this:


This is as good as the other memorable episode of a wife-swapping show... the gross crazy ultra-religious lady staying in the house of a Punk Rock type family:

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kids in the Hall - Communism!

I saw this classic Kids in the Hall skit on local Philly blogger Atrios's website (whose logo I supplied).

Now we all know where Glenn Beck got the inspiration for his broadcast!

I'm sure Dave Foley's character in that video could similarly sway some of these geniuses:

Reality As You Know It Does Not Exist

I saw this mind-bending video on The Teleomorph regarding the nature of this lightshow which we call "Reality":

GOP Rallying Against Net Neutrality...

...aaaand they're done!

Wow, that was quick.

I was going to comment on the handful of Republican reps who've stated opposition to measures supposedly ensuring Net Neutrality.

By the time I started writing this post though, I Googled the latest news about it & saw this-

"Senate Republicans
Scrap Anti-Net Neutrality Push"

I'm surprised these buffons actually recognized how insanely anti-Democratic such opposition would seem.

To me, the more open & free-flowing the Internet is, the faster progress will take place.

Monday, September 21, 2009

H.A.H.A. - "Haters Against Howard Alliance"

I've been a huge Howard Stern fan since I was a teenager. I originally bought Sirius satellite radio mostly so I can listen to his show, although the music content is great, too.

A few years ago, there was a Howard Stern Film Festival, so my brother & I put together a skit in which we were the fanatical right-wing leaders of an anti-Howard Stern organization called H.A.H.A: "Haters Against Howard Alliance".

I posted about our entry when we first made it, but now that my brother has a Youtube channel, Micarelli Productions, he uploaded the video:

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Glass Microbiology

On BoingBoing I saw a really cool convergence of art & science:

of Deadly Viruses and Bacteria

The clear forms are beautiful in their own right, but the bit of text accompanying the article made me think a little deeper about the ideas being conveyed.
These glass representations are visually pure in the sense that microorganisms don't possess perceivable 'color' like they are often shown in illustrations or enhanced images.

We rely on visualization to conceptualize phenomena outside our range of normal vision, like viruses that are artificially colored or Hubble pictures of nebulas that are enhanced by NASA.

Ultimately, everything is just our perception.

The artist's website has more amazing images of the various sculptures of viruses & bacteria:

Making Fun of the Gay Fish, Kanye West

Was it just "Insanely Obnoxious Interruption Week"?

I try not to disparage other people, but when you're a jerk, you're a jerk.
Kanye West and Rep. Joe "You Lie" Wilson have together shown that being a selfish, loudmouth fool is a quality that truly transcends race & culture.

All I'll say is that he should have taken a hard look at himself when South Park destroyed him with the "Fishsticks" episode, featuring perhaps the funniest & most humiliating diss possible. I can't listen to his crappy songs without starting to sing "Gay Fish" in my head. Unfortunately he hasn't gotten a grip on his ridiculous ego & it cost him any last bit of public respect.

I would mostly like to forget about this "Jackass" as our Dear Leader correctly observed, but I saw a collection of Internet Memes with Kanye West that was too crazy to pass up.
It's great how quick people make these kinds of parodies-

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Longwood Gardens, PA

On Saturday, I took a trip with my parents, Big Paul & Karen, to Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania.

I was really looking forward to going- despite the light rain- & it ended up being much more impressive than I expected. Since I love nature & art, this was a truly enjoyable experience. Besides spending a relaxing day with my parents, I got to take in a feast of visual wonders.

My main objective was to take alot of photography. I ended up taking over 200 pictures & uploaded most of them to my Google Picasa album. The hi-res images are public under a Creative Commons license. They can be zoomed, downloaded, or you can press the "Full Screen" button for a slideshow:

Paul Mic:
Longwood Gardens, PA

It's hard to pick favorites from the set, but here are some I really like:

From Longwood Gardens, PA

From Longwood Gardens, PA

From Longwood Gardens, PA

From Longwood Gardens, PA

From Longwood Gardens, PA

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Obama-care Speech

Well, I know alot of people are critical of President Barry, but I still think he's The Long-legged Mack-daddy!

I don't agree with several policy directions so far, but I think as a figurehead for American society & a functional executive, he is an improvement- to say the least. If you don't agree, watch clips of Dubya's greatest hits. I have no doubt that there are people who think John McCain & Sarah Palin would have made this country better, but there are also people like THIS, so anyway...

Obama's address last night mostly was to give a sense of purpose to the whole healthcare debate.

It has to be understood that the Obama administration is one piece on the chessboard of global human society. They can't be blamed for the entirety of these ongoing complex issues & Obama himself can't be expected to blow everybody's minds with some sort of supernaturally wise solution that makes everyone's eyes glaze over with wonderment.

Speaking of eyes glazing over, I knew when now-historic maniac Rep. Joe Wilson yelled out to everyone's disgust, that people would be freaking out about it. Even if you legitimately think that Obama's policies are going to be troublesome for the country, do you have expose yourself as a raging undisciplined ass to the entire planet of other human beings? Now Glenn Beck is going to have to be completely nuts to top this guy.

Barack is a better man than me. If that idiot yelled during my speech, I'd point at him and yell back, "Shut Up, Bitch!!! I'm talkin' now you sorry fool!!!"

On a slightly more serious note, If I was Obama I'd ban health insurance companies altogether (no offense to insurance companies). Then reallocate all the responsibility & personnel to *GASP* The Government.

"..but that's invasion of privacy & I don't want gov't in my business!" would be one silly argument against gov't run health care.

Do you have a SS# or driver's license? Get a grip, the gov't already knows citizens key info, so at least keep it in the hands of one source instead of various corporations created to make money off the very well-being or sickness of people. I would argue that gov't is the main modern entity that should hold collective responsibility over the health of the population. The entire concept of private or for-profit health services is pretty bizarre.

Of course, Obama is trying to (rhetorically at least) tread the noble middle path that addresses concerns of all parties while achieving what he believes to be an overall goal. I would personally favor an even more "liberal" approach & my approach would be that of the great progressive voice in Congress, Dennis Kucinich.

Another great advocate for a single-payer system in this country is Rep. Anthony Weiner who has been a forceful & logical guest on several of the news shows to explain what Obama should have really been pushing for all along.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


It was the strangest thing...

As I was driving home from work, I saw crowds of schoolchildren with zombie-like expressions marching down the road holding their fists up in the air & wearing red berets. They were chanting, "Socialism! ...All Hail Obama! ...Socialism!"

What the hell is going on?!?!?!?!

I think I found the answer on Crooks & Liars -
Today, it turns out that all the innocent children of America were exposed to

Monkey Music - for Monkeys

On io9, I saw an item about specially designed music that can sooth or agitate monkeys.

Despite the fact that they are generally immune to human music, they respond to music based on vocal calls of their own species.

One weird thing that's mentioned is that the only clips of human music they reacted to was being calmed by Metallica!?!

*A great song about the horrors of
primitive monkey warfare

"Monkeywire" - Monkey News

I saw a news site linked on BoingBoing that indexes only monkey-related news items.

The particular story I saw was this humorous article about a reform school in India for bad monkeys:

This one is my favorite that I've seen so far, though:

*Correction*- Glenn Beck is The Voice of Reason!

I was waaay too busy doing absolutely nothing over the holiday weekend to see that I was wrong about Glenn Beck being a source of illogical subjectivity.

It turns out he is actually an influential politicial guru whose whims are acknowledged by the most powerful administrative body in the world, the U.S. White House.

I'm not really sure what this guy said that was wrong. He called Republicans 'assholes'? That could be only a half-truth... In Beck's case, he's a self-righteous asshole.
As far as the 9/11 controversy- I would think that all of the "Big Government"-hating patriots in Glenn Beck's audience would appreciate that Jones questioned the 'official government story.'

Obama and his staff obviously have realized the overwhelming prestige of someone like The Pastey One, who possesses the intelligence & strength of character to call the popularly-elected, Harvard-educated, mixed-race President a 'commie racist'.

That is why the tyrannical, fascist Obama Administration bowed down to the moral force that is - Fox Punditry.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Glenn Beck vs. Rational Logic: The Showdown!

No wonder the people who proudly like Glenn Beck seem detached from the realm of common sense.

I've commented on him before (& not always negatively) but I recently made myself endure a stupifying clip on BagNewsNotes from his TV show. It made me wonder why Fox doesn't just give David Icke a show.

This is use of the most loose of random associations to make....WHAT POINT?!?

Is there some kind of insidious Commu-fascist mind virus that covertly manifests itself through metropolitan art?

As a professional graphic artist with extensive knowledge of the use & interpretation of symbols, I find this "analysis" by the "Pastey Purveyor of Paranoia" to be bordering on non-sensical. There is no substance between the connections between the symbolic art in NYC & the ideology of the current administration- except that he believes there seems to be something there.

...or maybe he knows these "connections" are absurd... and is purposely trying to short circuit what functioning brain cells are left in his regular audience! Either way his incoherent presentation is insulting to my artistic & rational sensibilities.

Symbolic language can be interpreted literally an infinite number of ways.
Sometimes there is definitely subversive meaning embedded into art of all kinds, but sometimes a farmer & worker are just a farmer & worker- not symbols of some insidious foreign ideology.

When I was in 1st grade, my teacher gave me personal assignments that were pretty advanced. I remember one in which I had to describe the meaning of the yellow stars, hammer, & sickle on the red Soviet flag. My aunt was a librarian so I called her up & she helped me. Therefore according to Glenn Beck, my retired aunt & I are communist conspirators.

Seriously, what is the difference between Beck's segment & this video?:

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Visualizing Molecules

As the human experience continues to expand into the macro scale with developments like the growth of the Internet, we also are creating images of phenomena on the micro scale, also.

This headline from the Daily Mail reads almost like a haiku:

Single molecule,
one million times smaller than a grain of sand,
pictured for first time

I have to question though what this means in the sense that we are trying to perceive force patterns and geometries more so than looking at solid "things" like bugs under a optical microscope.

This is the 'picture' of the pentacene molecule imaged by an atomic force microscope:

This is the molecule recreated in 3D:

Finally, this is what the atoms look like when you get REALLY, REALLY close:

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Happy Birthday Internet

How embarrassing!

I learned it was the Birthday of The Internet today - from The Internet itself! (Isn't that like someone you know reminding you that it's their birthday?..)

Of course, the actual date of creation for what has since become the Hive Mind of humanity has been disputed.

However, the initial connection of data-transmitting cables was similar to the first neurons growing in an embryonic brain.

When I was little, the 60's seemed like ages ago. Now I'm like, "1969, the year the Internet was invented was only 9 years before I was born?!?" Ahhh yeah, getting older...

I can say pretty confidently that I would rather been born here in the Information Age than 99% of other known periods of human history.