Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The World's Best Christmas Images

I have scoured the Intertubes far & wide for the most profound Christmas imagery ever known to man.

These powerful images speak volumes about the true spirit of Christmas...

Finally, the greatest Christmas image ever - Santa Claus taking hold of the all-powerful Infinity Gauntlet:

Classic Christmas Clips

Here are some of my favorite video Christmas moments that I remember from my childhood.

First, the legendary Pee-Wee Herman. When we were kids, me & my siblings found him endlessly amusing. We still bring up bits from his insanely funny movie & completely ridiculous TV show. This is the opening to his Christmas Special:

Another holiday special my family loved was The California Raisins claymation special. One of the best parts was the funky camels singing "We Three Kings":

Finally, this was a great SNL clip showing a 'lost' ending to It's a Wonderful Life. I only saw this movie for the first time a couple weeks ago, but I thought this was funny anyway when I saw it on SNL:

Monday, December 22, 2008

Patent for Magnetohydrodynamic (UFO) Propulsion

I saw a story on Posthuman Blues that a patent is being reviewed - for what is basically flying saucer propulsion!

The inventor is Subrata Roy, an associate engineering professor specializing in Computational Plasma Dynamics. Here is his faculty page with links to news stories about his research.

The limit of the human mind's creative potential is limitless. All that is needed is a collection of brilliant minds like Subrata Roy's to manipulate ideas into reality. Having completed a few semesters of mech. engineering & also being a US patent holder (for a much less technical invention!), I definitely appreciate the overwhelming amount of time and research that goes into mind-boggling work like this-

The idea of UFO's & alien life have always interested me ever since I was a kid.

I've posted before about theories of how 'alien' propulsion actually worked. Of course, it's a mystery to the masses whether flying saucers are actually from other planets, or if they are even from this time-space continuum.

There is most likely "Life" throughout the universe, but the totality of life that has spanned time & space is probably incomprehensible.

The fact that such seemingly 'magic' technology is being realized in front of our eyes is truly amazing.

Could this be Human spacecraft in the future?...

Observing History

I caught a bit of Keith Olbermann replaying the crowd's reaction at Obama's election victory for his "Best Person 2008". It's a fresh reminder how horrible Bush's reign of terror has been & how powerful American society can be when it's inspired to positive action...

The election was only about a month ago, but it's already history.
Just like this post.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Humanzees vs. Robosapiens

My family was sitting around after Sunday dinner at my parents' house watching TV. We got sucked into 2 shows on the Discovery HD channel.

The programs they showed back to back were equally fascinating & disturbing in what they revealed about the nature of the collection of water, cells, & microorganisms known as the human being.

The first program was about the unique chimp that was named Oliver the 'Humanzee'. Unlike every other chimp, Oliver walked upright naturally & related to humans more closely than other primates. Strangely, the novel creature was first brought to Blackwood, NJ which is where my Dad grew up, less than a 1/2 hour from where I live now. This evolutionary anomaly illustrates the hiccups of nature that could produce major physiological differences in one lifetime.

Right after that intriguing look into the effects of biological processes on how life functions, Discover aired "Rise of the Cyborgs". This show focused on the tech that is driving cybernetic body augmentation. This is an even more drastic source of immediate change, as far as the human experience is concerned.

With such enhancements as robotic arms, bionic vision, and neural-computer interfacing advancing quickly, the future is looking much more complex than the mysteries of a bipedal chimp.

Beyond the physical connections involved, scientists are also taking the initial steps to interpreting the internal experiences that result from a person's brain activity.

Just the logistics of creating programs that can directly interface with the human mind will probably make many theories of organizing information obsolete.

Reinventing Humanity
The Future of Human-Machine Intelligence

Of course, the future may be even more dreadful than we could possibly comprehend...

Sunbeam Poem Projector

Saw this on ffffound! then looked around for some more info.

An engaging statement on the transient nature of both art and life...

Click here to see time-lapse video.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Funny Tee Designs by Glenn Jones

I saw a few humorous Star Wars Tees linked on

More fun designs by the artist Glenn Jones can be found here: Designs

Here are 2 I really liked:

Deep Secret

Monday, December 15, 2008

Dodging Shoes: Bush's Only Skill

After a week of not posting anything due to procrastination & a weekend of crappiness due to a cold/fever, leave it to Dubya to give me something worth commenting on.

A reporter threw his shoes at George W. during a press conference in Iraq & called him a "dog".

Unable to admit how bad both he & everything that he represents completely sucks, Dubya afterward exclaimed that such actions were proof of the freedom of Democracy™!

In my opinion this was an understated gesture, if anything. It's really surprising this sort of thing doesn't happen constantly! I also can't believe Bush's brain reacted quick enough to dodge the incoming footwear. The guy is a horrible speaker & leader, but he'd make a champion dodgeball player.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Solar Distiller Design

There is alot of hope for the incoming Obama administration's potential to kick off a new age in American productivity.

This must be done through domestic investment in all forms of education, but also research & development for new tech other than new ways to create a bomb.

One of the exciting things about living in The Age of Novelty is the potential to effectively solve pervasive problems in an innovative way.

For instance, one of humanity's biggest problems is the lack of fresh water.
Methods of obtaining freshwater through methods like desalination have been around for centuries, but people are still finding ways to improve the process.

On a simpler scale, the process of evaporation can be used to collect water in a Condensation Trap. Here's a video of how to make one using household items.

On I saw some graphics made by Seol-Hee Sohn, Seung-Hyun Yoon & Cheol-Yeon Cho . There doesn't seem to be a website associated with the designers, but they convey the idea clearly & simply. The "Engrish" is barely noticeable & is forgiveable considering how nice the images are:

"What must you need to be rescued on
the bosom of the ocean?"

Monkey Art by Mark Bryan

I'm not sure where I first saw Mark Bryan's art but I thought it was pretty cool.

In the midst of the hopelessly desperate period in the middle of the Bush administration's second term, I posted about his political art. He really captured the depravity and irrationality that has seemed to lead the last 8 years.

However, I clicked on the bookmark I have for his site & was amused to see some monkey art that I haven't seen.

The idea of flying monkeys carrying helpless clowns around a mid-ocean citadel is a truly profound concept.

I also thought that this painting "Last of the Merlot" was crazy & funny.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

360º Cities

Immersive technology is one way that computers are drastically changing the things humans are able to experience.

3D effects & 360º panoramic imaging are only the primitive foundations of digital immersion.

Neatorama had a link to this website of hi-res 360º images of places around the world. It is really awesome.

To be able to choose a place like the Pantheon in Rome or the Karnak Temple in Egypt and look around wherever you want is great. It really gives a greater appreciation of such inspiring places.

Once everyone has an iThink connected to their brain (ha ha), the possibilities for "virtual reality" will be endless. I predict a person will be able to stand in an ancient ruin & have 3D information uploaded directly to their visual cortex. Information from the interplanetary database of the future will create the effect of directly observing any time period with data to simulate that place. You would be able to control the simulated environment being projected into your vision just by thinking about it. It will be the ultimate way to experience the cultures of the past.

...but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Here are some views of the The Temple of Amun at Karnak.
It's hard to look at this place & not imagine the once-roofed halls as they were when this place was new & painted. It was an enclosed building containing awe-inspiring spaces like the gigantic Hypostyle Hall:

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Digital Conversion for Seniors

I saw this relatively ancient (& totally hysterical) video on Gizmondo. It is a tutorial for seniors who have never used a computer, nor a search engine.

Watching this gives me flashbacks of The Dark Ages before the Internet became the information & media tool it is today.

"Youtube: Surfing for Seniors"

My old pal Dan the Man forwarded me an audio clip today that was along the same lines. It's a humorous look at the dilemma for older people facing the coming digital media conversion. I found the video online & the visuals make it even funnier:

Optima Prime

Typography is an area of design that all good designers need to be skilled in to some extent. However, some designers choose to specifically focus on creating new fonts & working with type.

I saw this neat use of letters & numbers to make up the face of Optimus Prime, the leader of the Transformers I used to watch as a kid in the 80's.

The actual typeface used to created the image is called Optima, adding some special design dorkiness into the mix.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Time for Thanksgiving

When this video of Sarah Palin talking at a turkey farm was shown on TV recently, it was one of the most bizarre & unsettling videos I had ever seen.

Her damn babbling rant is so incoherent & meaningless it actually makes your brain implode by listening to her. The combination of her inane chatter & the turkey death-throes in the background can scramble a person's higher cognitive functions.

What am I thankful for this year? I am thankful beyond expression that The Long Legged Mack Daddy and the grownups seem to be going to take control of the train-wreck called the Bush Administration. Also, that the sassy she-devil Sarah Palin is as far from leading this country as possible.

The only thing I've seen on the internet about Sarah Palin that's crazier & more mind-boggling is this link with what may be the greatest title for an article ever:

Mayan Palingenesis
Whore of Babylon & Rise of the Fourth Reich

Anyone who can actually make it through that entire essay^ has to be crazy themselves. Knowing how long it takes me even to put a short post like this online, I can't imagine someone taking the time to put all that madness together.

The Debut of the Shockmaster

I don't really waste time watching pro wrestling, but my brother sent me this & it is really funny.

He sent me a really blurry version, but I found this high quality version with commentary by legend Dusty Rhodes.

The sparkly Imperial Stormtrooper helmet is priceless.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Google Life Archive

No, the 'Google Life Archive' is not the digital database backup for your 'iThink'...

There's been alot of buzz about Google's Life archive. It's dedicated to millions of Life magazine's historic photos.

I truly live for visual reference like this. This is definitely an awesome collection. It demonstrates the potential of digital media to continually expand & organize humanity's countless artistic endeavors.

I did a search for monkey photos. These stuck out at me:

Engraving of a Monkey Stiking a Pose

A tiny, helpless simian life form that we strapped into a metal cylinder & propelled into space.

Dirty hippy monkey playing the drums in a rock n' roll band

Civic Literacy Quiz

I wasn't a fan of history/social studies in school because it just seemed like a bunch of names & dates. There was not nearly enough pictures and visual information to interest me at the time- before the Rise of the Internets and the Age of the History Channel. Thankfully, I tried to be a good overall student & retained alot of information, anyway.

As I get older, even more infinitely wise about subjects like politics, I've become much more mindful of civic knowledge.

This link is to a Civil Liberty Quiz that I skimmed through. My score was a 75%, which is worse than I thought it was gonna be. After I went back & compared answers there were a few more I should've known. Surprise! The rest America appears to have failed it.

I would love to know if our own lame-monkey President is capable of scoring a 50%. Even that would be shocking to me.

Ship of Fools

I saw this Economist article linked at Daily Kos & thought it was pretty much spot on.

The Republican Party as an organization has done itself and the country a huge disservice by basing its modern existence on unproductive fear-mongering & division. I still consider myself an Independent, but the idea of myself supporting the Republicans in the foreseeable future is about as unlikely as me moving to the Congo in Africa.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Random Politics & Science

Decisions, decisions...

Last night I was veggin out switching between watching cable news or History Channel's 'The Universe'.

I opted to avoid the news. The big story was that the Democrats allowed the most obnoxiously two-faced weasel in national politics, Joe Lieberman, to retain his chairmanship of a key committee. I will patiently wait for future outrage over some jerk-off move that Joe the Two-Timing Weasel will inevitably pull against the Obama administration.

Mack-daddy Obama took the waaaay high ground on this one, but maybe his forgiving gesture will pay off. If you're not careful, though, someone like that will do you really dirty. Joe Lieberman looks like Senator Palpatine & it occurs to me that 'Holy Joe's' potential antagonism toward Obama might end up resembling the following scenario:

So anyway.... I watched The Universe instead. The animations on thse kinds of shows are great mental visualization tools. All the talk though of entities such as gravitons, superstrings, parallel universes, higher dimensions, & so on, are just creative labels for the endless manifestations of infinity. Science is, generally speaking, another story or symbol set we manipulate to mainly affect our own consciousness. We may think it somehow describes things "out there", but it is mostly the organization of the perceptions in our own head.
One way to describe what appears to be the physical universe would be "infinites upon infinites nested inside the infinity of countless infinites". Some would say that the universe is a fractal, but it would be more accurate to say that 'Reality' is infinite- with fractal patterns being an aspect of the infinity.

Either that, or it's all just a dream.

Monday, November 17, 2008

F*ck Yeah Sharks

Sharks have always been pretty terrifying to me, but who knew they could be funny, too?

I saw this linked somewhere, but I forget where now...

South Park: Hope Diamond Heist

I missed this episode of South Park when it first aired, but I actually had people texting me about it, telling me I had to see it. I finally saw it during a replay & like most episodes, it had me laughing at loud.

It turns out that the Presidential campaign was a farce... Barack Obama, John McCain, & Sarah Palin were actually on a team. Their plan was to infiltrate the White House to gain access to the secret underground tunnel that runs beneath The Smithsonian. The mission? Steal the Hope Diamond!

I particularly enjoyed Sarah Palin as a covert British spy.

Episode Guide: About Last Night...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Dio - Holy Diver

I heard this song tonight pulling into my driveway listening to Sirius Radio. I took a trip to the store so I could rock out to it.

There was a hilarious South Park episode where Ronnie James Dio was playing "Holy Diver" at the elementary school dance. That's the first time I ever heard a Dio song, even though I knew he replaced Ozzy Osbourne in Black Sabbath.

When I looked the "Holy Diver" video on Youtube, I was amazed at how silly & ridiculous it looked. Evil never appeared so cheesy.

It also doesn't help that 'Dio' himself looks like this guy.


God, I can't believe I lived throught the 80's...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kids at Obama's Speech

Here's another example to go along with my last post about children being a source of hope.

I'm currently reading a great book called Everything Toltec Wisdom which (among other things) discusses the freedom of our mind when we are children and how it's eventually diminished. Eventually, a child's mind becomes domesticated by family & society, and becomes subject to the "Mitote". This is an abstract "parasite" in our consciousness that binds us with distorted perceptions, fears, & anxieties.

This photo series from Obama's acceptance speech demonstrates the idea of a united human society in which childlike acceptance and freedom are possible.

Brenden Foster, Bodhisattva

If this video doesn't affect you, you have no soul.

Brenden Foster
is a boy who is only 11 years old & about to die of leukemia.

On the cusp of The Great Unknown, instead of being terrified or woeful, Brendon put his last bit of energy on Earth to help people he didn't even know & would never get a chance to meet. He realized that despite his hopeless condition, there are countless others in worse circumstances who also need help. Although it's tough to live up to his level of altruism, it's the most noble attitude to have toward fellow human beings.

In this seemingly mad world of parasitic vampires in charge of banking, commerce, and government, the seeds of compassion are still being sown. Brendon is a bodhisattva saint in the form of a child. His wish is the eternal dream of a better life for as many people as possible.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story

Tonight I got caught up in watching PBS since they were showing a documentary called "Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story".

I was already familiar with Atwater's history & his influence on the Pigboy Karl Rove's approach to George W. Bush's operations.

This is essential viewing to understand the recent history of negative campaigning & fear tactics that have gripped the political process, especially on the Republican side. His tragic demise adds an interesting dimension to his story. He had brain cancer & found himself looking into the black abyss of death. I've already personally tackled the meaning of life, but the idea of death is a topic I intend to post about soon. That is, if I don't die first.

After chasing the ungratifying illusions of fame, wealth, and especially power, Lee Atwater apparently came to realize the immeasurable human value of caring relationships. He deeply regretted tearing people & the country down, but there are still people out there who don't learn this lesson of causality easily.

Star Wars Pop Culture

My friend & fellow artist Dan the Man forwarded me a cool set of Star Wars pop culture images.
I put up some of my favorites below.

"Star Wars en la Cultura Pop"

Here's another set from the Flickrstream for the Official Star Wars blog:

"Official Star Wars Blog: Blogworthy Set"

I also saw this design for Imperial currency a few days ago & thought it was pretty cool:

Monday, November 10, 2008

Black Man Given Nation's Worst Job

I've been waiting this past week, expecting Obama's victory last Tuesday to be some sort of cruel prank.

Seeing as Dubya was escorting the President-elect around The Den of Iniquity (aka The White House) today, it looks like Obama is in fact headed to office. He has the special honor of cleaning up the huge pile of elephant crap left on America by the years of Republican party rule.

Leave it to The Onion to inject a laughably relevant spin on the situation:

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Election Thoughts


Wow - I've always liked the long-legged freak, but I really, truly thought that there was no way in hell that enough Americans would actually vote for someone named Barack Hussein Obama.

• 'Obama/Biden' is so close to 'Osama Bin Ladin' that it has to be a cosmic joke.

• Yeah, the guy's half-black. This is historic only because America is still full of haters & morons.

• What's more important, as a practical matter - the new President is actually going to be SMART, ELOQUENT, & COMPETENT. Imagine that!

• I always try to prepare myself for the worst scenarios in any given situation. When things actually work out nicely, it ends up seeming like a miracle.

• This result of this election is like an 'anti-9/11', in the sense that our entire county of millions joined together. Except, instead of horror, sadness, and anger... the outcome was full of joy and

• We are obviously oscillating towards the singularity.

• God clearly doesn't like the Republican party anymore.

• Besides his pandering to the design industry, the Obama campaign's use of art & media was very impressive. Also impressive has been the positive influence Barack's campaign has has on the art community.

Tina Fey & Katie Couric helped
save our Republic from further zombification.

• Barack Obama is powerless against magnetic pole reversals, solar flares, and every other natural phenomenon.

• CNN is the NASA of infographics & Sith technology.

• I kind of felt bad for McCain when he called himself a failure in his final speech. The guy should be proud of himself. Even if I personally thought he wasn't the better candidate, he should be respected as a hero.

• It was McCain's clueless She-Bush sidekick who was unbearable to me & the rest of America. If Sarah Palin wins in 2012, then I will assume that the Mayan doomsday is at hand.

• Obama is crazy for even wanting this responsibility. The dude seems unbelievably motivated, though. Compared to the rogue's gallery that Bush put together, Obama's executive leadership might actually start being effective.

• Fortunately (as the supreme jerk, Donald Trump, said in this interview), "He cannot do worse than Bush... he's been a catastrophe." What he says about Condoleeza is hysterical too.

• 'The Donald' is basically clarifying what cannot ever be emphasized enough: George W. Bush has been a complete failure in every respect & has been an unholy curse on this nation. Good &*%&^&! riddance.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Barack Obama: Monkey Buddhist!

I was going to keep this secret under wraps...

The real reason I'm rooting for Barack Obama is that he is apparently an observer of the non-existent, yet mind-expanding, belief system that is arbitrarily labeled Monkey Buddhism. (The true name of this imaginary philosophical tradition is 10^22378 letters long.)

Obama's allegiance is evident by the lucky Hanuman idol that was sent to him from India by well-wishers.

Also revealed earlier in the campaign was Sen. Obama's collection of lucky charms he has collected including a symbolic Monkey figure.

"Obama has also carried a small gold statue of the Monkey King,
revered in India because Hindus believe monkeys
are descendants of the monkey god, Hanuman."

This. F*cking. Election.

Despite the 'profane' site name, www.thisf* is actually a pretty plain chronological stream of keywords. Even though it's simple words & phrases, there's waaaay too many references for even a political guru such as myself to recognize. It is a visual timeline of the memes that were propogated throughout the Presidential campaign.

I (like the rest of the world) have to wonder what the Election Multiverse will finally reveal.

Will America really choose an accomplished intellectual with passion and insight for the important issues? Will America, instead, choose an weathered footsoldier who will battle us through the same old battles & terrain?

I really try to avoid predicting anything with certainty. Especially since the last 8 years have proven to be really ridiculous & unpredictable. I still remain hopeful that America will find itself under more pragmatic leadership w/ Barack Obama. However, I also equally expect the possibility of experiencing more of the Rightwingoverse.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Peruvian Shamans Send U.S. Election Vibes

As the rate of mankind's learning increases, ancient traditions & esoteric perspectives have continued to gain attention in our global culture.

I don't trust the self-appointed prophets of political punditry who claim that The Long-Legged Mack Daddy is ahead. I don't even trust my own eyes that show endless crowds of people at Obama's recent rallies. I definitely don't trust the outcome of our election to some South American shamans either... but at least they are enthusiastic! Perhaps they are excited at the prospect of a modern-day Sun Being in the form of Barakhenaten.

What I do trust is that Bush & Cheney are the most powerful bastards in the world. Hopefully I'm wrong, but I think it's going to take much more than some worked-up holy men to rip the reigns from their disastrous control.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Candy Corn Sucks

I've always thought candy corn was gross.

When my siblings & I were younger, my parents would take me to my grandmom's neighborhood to trick-or-treat. At the corner of her road, there was an old lady who my Dad knew since he was little. Every year, without fail, she would hand out loose candy corns through the mail slot in her door.

The problem was that her mangy dog would come up to the door & we'd see it slobbering and licking the bowl of candy corn. I would throw them all out when I got back to the house.

Thanks to the internet as platform for idea distribution, even horrible food items are subject to specialized scrutiny.

I saw this linked on Neatorama:

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Phillies Win!!!

Living 1/2 hour away from Philadelphia, my family has always been Philly sports fans.

The last time the Phillies won the World Series, I was only 2 years old. I grew up playing baseball and following Mike Schmidt & Pete Rose. When I was a kid, it didn't seem that long ago. Now it's like "Damn, it's been 25+ years?!?!"

Well, Philly fans are nuts & the team definitely deserves the championship.

The whole family rootin for the Phillies at my parent's house

My brothers & Jen have incurable Phillies Madness

Grand-Dude (Big Paul) & his Lil' Dude (Baby Greg).

The Obama 1/2 Hour

Obama is Ballin'!

I have to say Obama & his campaign impress me by at least thinking progressively & outside the box. Watching his half-hour infomercial/ad/documentary/biography that took up the major networks was planned pre-World Series game viewing for me. In addition to my love of general knowledge & trivia, I've considered political affairs much more intensely, thanks to the shocking malfeasance of Bush/Cheney's reign of error.

I'm sure plenty of people thought "The Obama 1/2 Hour" was an annoyance or just propaganda... but even my cynical eye was still impressed with the production, message, & boldness of it. I thought the ad was actually very engaging.

As someone who appreciates the intellectual heritage of humanity's great thinkers Heraclitus, the Dalia Lama, Isaac Newton, Howard Stern, and others, I don't say lightly that Obama is a brilliant person.

He doesn't even spend one minute attacking McPain in the entire 30 minute segment...

Classy and smart.
Hopefully America has learned & we get competent, intelligent leadership...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

McPain '08

I've always thought that John McCain was a man who deserves some respect. The guy's been through hell & I hate to have an ill opinion of him.

Unfortunately, he is clearly not the better leader of the two Presidential candidates. If Sen. McCain can barely keep his own party & staff of loyalists together through this campaign, how do people expect him to MANAGE THE ENTIRE COUNTRY?!?!?!

At first, I thought Sarah Palin seemed at least interesting...
Then, she started yakking & attacking and, by golly, she hasn't even stopped once to think (literally).

Personally, I'm stickin' with the Socialist Muslim Black Panther Antichrist Terrorist Sympathizer, the Long-legged Freak himself.

I won't claim that Obama is a perfect candidate or that all his policy approaches are the best. His tremendous ability to communicate, organize, & inspire are fairly self-evident, though.

With Halloween this Friday & the election in less than a week, the scariest thing to me in the immediate future is the idea of more regressive Republican rule in the White House. This is especially true in the face of such a strong possibility for a new approach to governing.

I find the McCain campaign's approach to pretty much everything to be distasteful. To properly express how I feel about their low-brow style of politics, I made a little mash-up of the dysfunctional "McPain" team, using my superior Photoshop skills.

Click the image below for a larger, even more disturbing size.

If you stare at it for too long you will definitely lose your mind.

SNL - Bush/McCain/Palin

The 2 best political impersonations ever - Tina Fey as Sarah Palin, and Will Ferrell as George W. Bush - are united in one brilliant SNL skit.

I'm in the supposedly 'progressive' state of New Jersey, but I am seeing more McCain/Palin signs around than I would like. Why you would want to announce that you are supporting these hopelessly incompetent clowns is beyond me.

Ridicule & mockery are good ways to highlight the problems that more clueless Republican governance would produce. Unfortunately, there will be nothing funny about this country's future should Satan rear his horned, evil head and cause McSame & The Diva to take office.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Palin as President

Super-fun crap like this is the reason the internet was invented!

The interactive page lets you click around the prospective Oval Office of Miss "Pro-America" herself. You can click certain things multiple times, & there's plenty of funny stuff hidden in there.

I would suggest quickly pressing the center of her desk multiple times - so she echoes "Oh! Here are the Nuclear Codes!" - and then press the red phone for a sufficient preview of the possibilities a Palin Presidency would bring...

Gosh Darnit, it's nuclear armageddon!

Monkey on a Segway Scooter

Came across this awesome video on Dubya might not be able to figure one out, but this chimp scoots along pretty good by the end.

I needed a good chuckle, and simians doing human activities always amuse me.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Bat Boy Backs Obama!!!

When the paragon of professional journalism, The Weekly World News, revealed the existence of 'Bat Boy' back in the 90's, I was still in high school.

This was a major event for me & my friends, who loved to discuss The WWN's outrageous stories during Study Hall.

I have been following Bat Boy's career ever since, and I saw that Barack Obama has secured perhaps the most significant endorsement in the entire world:

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Penguin vs. Batman Debate

I saw a link to this video on my favorite politically-correct website

With the final Presidential debate coming up tomorrow, seeing this classic clip from the 60's Batman movie blew me away. This is so ridiculously relevant that it is just crazy & hilarious.

John McCain is obviously running his campaign as The Penguin- aka 'Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot'.
(I actually still remember that name from the Super Powers toy packages I collected when I was a kid.)

McCain is the Penguin, Obama is Batman, & Dennis Kucinich gets my vote as Robin!

I also saw this painting on & I have to assume that the artist saw that part of the old Batman movie. If not, it's a very funny coincidence.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Into the Fractal Core

"4-D Gem" available at
The Monkey Buddha Bazaar

I came across a couple interesting things online regarding on of my favorite topics: Fractals.

This article is a deep look into the fractal nature of reality.

Is it just a bunch of meaningless mystical mumbo-jumbo?...
or the ultimate key to understanding our experience in the universe?

The answer: Both!!!

Visually, fractal forms are endlessly fascinating and reflect the dynamic chaos of nature.

It's amazing that people have figured out how to manipulate numbers & math to approximate 'messy' phenomena that are as irregular as coastlines and plant life.

"Monkey Man" by The Rolling Stones

I always liked The Beatles more than the Stones, but there are a few of their songs that I really like.

I hadn't heard "Monkey Man", though, until I got Sirius Radio within the past few years. Now it's obviously my favorite Rolling Stones song. If Monkey Buddhism had a hymn book, this would definitely be in it.

This is a video to the classic tune- showing monkeys & apes in nature, and their less-refined relative in the White House.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Voting Mob

As he election gets closer, things are getting more interesting. I would have to say McCain has the angry redneck vote locked up.

Everybody, including me, has their opinions about who is better & why. The problem is that many people believe their personal perceptions are hard facts. This is often true for people of all political leanings.

The McCain campaign, though, has gotten bad press recently over the dangerous perceptions they have been provoking and encouraging in their 'less insightful' supporters. To equate Barack Obama with being a terrorist sympathizer is simply inflammatory. People are mostly disgusted by McCain & Palin's obnoxious attempts at character assassination.

On the other hand, Obama doesn't have to slander McCain with vindictive insinuations - such as being a reckless pilot, a Manchurian candidate, or a Vietnamese baby killer - because Obama has a positive message of hope that is actually resonating with people.

The reason McCain & his campaign are so irresponsible is because many of the voting masses are unfortunately not bright enough to discern the falseness of the inciteful rhetoric. Sen. McCain seems to have been trying to tone things down a bit, but even he can't control the cancerous hatred felt by the psychos in his base. The videos of Republican rallies and voters expressing venomous ignorance is really disturbing.

To be fair, voters on the Democratic side can be just as shallow in their convictions. (They just aren't stark-raving mad racists.)

Sean Hannity is an absolutely tremendous knuckle-headed jackass, but this clip shows the lack of information concerning basic policies & political philosophy that can exist among Obama supporters, too:

Redneck Bookmobile

We had a whole crew helping my sister & her new family to their new house. There were about a dozen people helping & 4 pickup trucks we were filling with furniture, clothes, & stuff.

Since there were no cardboard boxes left for packing, we piled all of their books in the back of one of the pickup trucks. At first I was calling it the "ghetto bookmobile", but considering it's a pickup truck... "redneck bookmobile" is probably more appropriate.

I spotted my brother-in-law's copy of "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" so I borrowed that. There are alot of books that I'm going to have to check out of their personal library once the bookshelves are up...

Redneck Bookmobile

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Kung Fu Election

I saw this crazy game & had to try it. The graphics are cool, the character interpretations are funny & it is an awesome concept. The only downside is it's hard as hell.

I started out playing as Katana Obama, but Sarah Palin kept beating my ass every time w/ her hockey stick & shotgun. So, I clicked on 'more characters' and used nunchucks-wielding John Edwards. After finally beating the Mad Max version of Palin, I lost to Cindy McCain in her Kill Bill gear.

BTW, I truly think this is how The President should actually be chosen...

click to play

The Age of Water

Although I take creative interpretations of reality like astrology with a grain of salt, I can say that unlike other signs, mine actually describes me really accurately.

I'm a Pisces, which is a water sign & I completely feel like it's my element. I pretty much love drinking just tons of water & green tea. If I had a hot tub I would never get out of it. Water is a substance that I have always found fascinating in itself, despite how much it can be taken for granted. Looking at the most ordinary things like you've never seen them before is one way to keep life interesting.

This article from Daniel Pinchbeck's website, Reality Sandwich, has an esoteric look into the life-giving water element:

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Obama vs. McCain II

Yes- as all the opinion polls show, Obama crushed McCain in both style & substance.

The long-legged freak is simply more intelligent, more articulate, & more empathetic to the real needs of this country.

It is funny how some of the "liberal" media pundits were originally trying to say McCain was aggressive & that the debate was essentially a tie as a result...

...that was until the polls started coming in & it was obvious the public had an overwhelming negative reaction to Sen. McCain's strained performance.

The only parts where I didn't think Obama came through all that great:
• when he slipped up & rightfully condemned the credit card industry of Delaware... oops,... championed by Joe Biden! I could tell in Obama's face that he realized he shouldn't have brought that up. If McCain had any wits about him, he would have jumped on Biden's connection to that industry.
• I can't stand Obama's rhetoric about Pakistan & Bin Ladin. "I wil hunt Bin Ladin down & kill him." No Barack... no you won't. Stop propogating the myth that Osama bin Ladin is America's own perpetual boogeyman. The idea of striking within Pakistan without the government's help is no different than invading Iraq illegally.

Otherwise, Obama came across as Presidential, & McCain looked like the out-of-touch retiree that he truly is.

I saw this graphic on The Great Orange Satan, Daily Kos & thought it was tremendously funny, as well as spot-on: