Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Real Royal Wedding

Now THIS is one worth attending!

How NOT to End a Controversy

After my last post about the Birther issue, I downloaded the PDF of President Obama's birth certificate to check out for myself.

After seeing some new conspiracy theories regarding the PDF file, I opened it in Adobe Illustrator. The image file contains a messy array of layers, which gives unnecessary ammo to people claiming the document is suspicious.

Here's a comical look at the descent into madness that people are taking, because of this issue:

The conservative website National Review Online gave the most plausible explanation- that the scanning software automatically converted certain areas of text into image layers.

Still... anyone with knowledge of graphics files would have created a flattened version for public release- that didn't include so many elements that people could question.

Now, though, at least most of the national attention will move on to more urgent matters... like giant friggin' tornadoes ripping through the country.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Trumping Birther Madness

Today's one of those bizarre news days that leaves me dumbfounded at our wacked-out national discourse. There's other interesting things going on, but a single source of wingnut mania has dominated the news cycle.

The rumors & insinuations surrounding the idiotic "birther" debate about the President's citizenship came to a head. Despite no legal obligation to do so, The White House publicly released Obama's so-called "long-form" birth certificate.

World-renown buffoons such as Donald Trump & Orly Taitz have been continuously ranting about this issue - claiming that the document either contains damning evidence, or doesn't exist at all.

Their fantasyland was temporarily disrupted today:

Unlike Dubya, the petulant man-child, Obama at least conducts himself like the adult in the room. I don't know how he can keep his composure, when faced with the morons out there who still believe he's some kind of Kenyan Marxist Muslim.

Now that the document is public, many have correctly predicted that the usual clowns wasting everyone's time with this issue will simply create other imagined problems to fret over. For example, Trump is now using the despicable line of attack that goes "I hear Obama was a bad student, how'd he get into Harvard?" It's such cynical ignorance & even more insulting than the birther obsession.

Working in Photoshop breeds a deep sense of skepticism for any image that I see. However, the evidence seems to be pretty overwhelming for what should be a non-issue. Unfortunately, the most unreasonable voices are often the ones who get the most attention.

Right now, Donald Trump is the 'Voice of Unreason' itself & has become an national icon for all the wrong reasons. He probably doesn't care what people say about him anyway, as long as he has his money & the spotlight.

The great thing about this country is he can practice his own vile form of Free Speech, and the rest of us can practice I made this graphic of "President A$$hole" to illustrate what a Trump Presidency would probably resemble. God Bless America :D

To quote The Donald himself:

click to enlarge

Monday, April 25, 2011

I Have a (Rodeo Monkey) Dream

Over the weekend I saw this video on my friend's FB page & had to post it.

This inspiring man gives a speech about one of the few things in this world that truly matter:

Dog-riding Rodeo Monkeys

Try holding back the tears as he tells his heart-warming story:

"In 1962 a little boy was born,
and his dream & his goal... was to own a monkey.
This is my dream."

Greatest Speech Ever

I was actually just watching an interview with Russel Brand linked on He was discussing fame & said it's worth it- if you're famous while truly loving and being passionate about what you do.

Being able to take part in a profession or an activity that you enjoy is one of the most fulfilling things in life.

Especially if it involves monkeys.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Secret of Easter

Let us not forget the true meaning of Easter's many rituals & celebrations... prevent Earth from being destroyed
by giant pink Space Bunnies w/ laser-shooting nostrils.

Give me all your Cadbury Eggs, puny humans!!!


Symmetry is the idea of equally similar, or contrasting, elements forming a harmonious whole.

I try to seek balance in my life & often notice my tendency to create symmetry in the way I arrange objects or artwork. Sometimes I don't even notice until later.

This is a video called "Symmetry" that explores the many examples of similarity & duality we can find in the world.

Of course, all of these comparisons exist only inside the pattern-seeking human mind.

Symmetry from Everynone on Vimeo.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Ancient Cosmology: a Map to the Future"

I thought this was an interesting article, touching some of the more esoteric ideas concerning our place in the celestial order.

Civilization is only beginning to re-discover the knowledge gained and lost over thousands of years. There are levels of reality that we cannot study- because we are not even aware of them yet!

Perhaps the technologically-enhanced consciousness of the future will be able to perceive currently unimaginable aspects of the universe.

Echoes of the Ancient Skies is an engrossing book I've read, about the deep connection our ancestors had to the observable cosmic cycles.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Have you seen evidence of, or been attacked by this destructive being?


This image is the first known representation of a rare and malevolent breed of the fifth-dimensional thought creature known as the Trabie.

Labeled the "Cybertrabie" by the FBI's above top secret Anti-Trabie Task Force, it has the ability to assimilate its higher dimensional being into our 3D electronic circuitry.


If the Trabie has appeared on your computer screen, it is already too late. The Cybertrabie jumps through the very photons reaching your eyes, and infects the mind itself.

Unfortunately, there is no known way to eradicate the Trabie from the brain, once it inhabits the neural network.

Now that the Trabie has infiltrated the Internet, it is only a matter of time before they take over the whole human race...

*The origin of the Trabie:

In high school, I was lucky to have friends who were creative & always good for a laugh.

"The Trabie" was one of the many absurd & funny things my friend Matt, aka. Forch, & I would come up with at lunch or study hall.

Here is the original image of 'the Trabie' that i think I made on a black & white Apple Mac II in my high-school physics class:

This was around 1996, so there wasn't even an Internet as we know it today! Back then, we were thinking that it would travel on a floppy disk or something, haha! The Trabie would spread havoc much faster in today's interconnected world of online computers and smartphones.

I came across the old printout, & decided to make the animated, color version above. It's been sitting on my computer for a couple years, so I finally decided to unleash it.

The Trabie may be a fictional character, but if you stare at it too long, it still might infect your brain...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Obama's Budget Speech

Right now, I'm watching President Obama's address on the budget from earlier today on YouTube.

I'm glad to hear Obama come out with a strong progressive counter-argument to the failed ideology behind the regressive GOP budget proposals, led by Randian acolyte Rep. Paul Ryan.

Although it remains to be seen how these policy battles turn out, he has at least established a position that stands in stark contrast to the predictably disastrous vision of the Republicans in Congress.

I was watching Piers Morgan interview President Obama's sister Maya last nite. I get the impression that he is very sympathetic to most progressive causes, but is also very pragmatic and recognizes the ultimate need for compromise. This accommodating approach is what frustrates certain liberals, but it's also the way he has needed to operate to be effective.

It seems like Obama has thankfully had enough of the House GOP's ludicrous priorities & made an clear-cut case against their sadistic right-wing fantasyland.

Of course, the Republican response to The President's legitimate criticisms was "Waaaaaah! *Boo-hoooo*"

I'm sure this will be twisted into "Obama's Socialist Tax Hike Speech" by the Hannity's & Limbaugh's... but they are pitifully wrong about everything.

On a more humorous note, I was amused to hear The President use the ridiculous term "Win the Future" again- twice in this speech!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Jon Stewart Tells The Truth While Wearing Glasses

The news of Glenn Beck's departure from Fox News inspired The Daily Show team to produce this humorous homage.

The full episode is here:

This segment really channels the craziness - mocking Fox News, mixing up Mayan & Aztec history, slandering The Left, and conspiracies galore.

Professor Rodeo Clown deserves nothing less.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Budget Battles 2011

Despite my minor aversion to math & high finance, for me it's interesting to watch the big political showdown in DC over last year's federal budget.

As far as politics goes, you would think that dealing with public budget numbers would be a relatively clear-cut exercise. Of course, like all things in the political arena the public debate has been a ideological battleground.

Obama's White House released it's budget proposal a couple months ago. However, there has been no clear articulation of it's contents, nor a coherent Democratic vision. Despite the predictably disastrous consequences of most their policies, the GOP definitely excels at creating simple-minded narratives & slogans.

Now, the House Republicans with Paul Ryan as their frontman have released their budget. Our government is approaching a "shutdown" because the right-wing is demanding even more massive cuts, specifically to progressive programs- like Medicare, Planned Parenthood, & that huge drain on the budget, NPR.

As the scrutiny of the content of Ryan's proposal has increased, more question have come up about his party's fiscal priorities.

Most people can agree that the government should be as efficient as possible & we shouldn't be running up endless debts. However, to take an axe to these kind of important social services while proposing to:

1) Lower taxes even FURTHER on the top tax bracket
2) Cut education
3) Privatize Medicare

4) Increase the Defense budget

is pretty much a cruel joke & a non-starter.

Liberal-minded citizens believe that the elderly, sick, and the less fortunate should be cared for by society, even if there is some fraud or waste in the system. The so-called conservative position is to leave anyone who cannot afford private services to their own suffering & misfortunes.
Would these people who hate "socialism" so much enjoy having to pay the firefighters put out blazes, cops make calls, and have every major road be a toll road? The idea that free-market competition is the answer to everything is foolish. For example, the craziest thing about our country is that our health care is still a for-profit system. It's unnecessary & insane.

Anyway, I remember the last gov't shutdown way back in 1995. I was still in high school & didn't give a damn about politics at all. I didn't even really understand what all the ruckus was about. At the time everything around me seemed to be okay!
The good ol' days! Hahaha.

The last time around, the Republicans didn't come out looking so good. As they say, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it". You'd think they'd learn from previous mistakes...

...but the right-wingers in the House GOP don't ever seem to interested in "learnin'".

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

A Hunter Shoots a Bear

My friend Dan sent me this very cool viral ad on Youtube.

When you click one of the buttons at the end of the video, it becomes an interactive feature where you control what happens with the bear!

It's kind of a weird product to be promoting, though.
I guess there's still a market for eraser tape in the digital age.

I typed in "tickled" first, then "nuked"- which got the error video.

Some other words I entered were "wrestled, punched, screwed, ate, kissed, shaved, erased," and many more. The amount of segments they shot for this is pretty impressive.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Mind Over Money

I just got sucked into watching a very thought-provoking (and slightly disturbing) documentary. It 's a look at the psychology of money & how it relates to financial markets.

PBS Nova:

Watch the full episode. See more NOVA.

Basically, we will NEVER fully understand models of economic activity until we completely understand the human mind!

Therefore.... we can all probably look forward to more irrational behavior leading to booms, financial bubbles, and recessions for years to come.

I don't find any joy in dealing with numbers... & the whole stock market scene dealing with 'the markets' does not interest me at all. It all seems a little crazy, actually.

Restless minds, never satisfied, continually driven by intense emotional situations...
The swarms of hungry ghosts on the trading floor are like the opposite of Buddhist monks training their mind during a zazen session.

Friday, April 01, 2011

The Most Accurate Clock in the World

This clock is much more accurate than any atomic clock, & it doesn't ever have to be calibrated.

This is the only true measure of time.