Thursday, November 24, 2005

Mystery Initiation

The initiate is placed in the psychic condition of a person at the moment of death, his consciousness withdrawn from externals, restricted to and focused upon his mind's internal content, which he is directed to explore and contemplate.

The person initiated begins to experience a force kindled within him, his true spirit. A new being has entered him and become active in his life. Forces slumbering within are awakened; he begins to experience inspiration from a Higher Source and feels the necessity to act in such a manner that he can share in the life of others. Spiritual transformation--re-birth--has occured, bringing about a change in that part of him that is open to "intuition," the voice of "the teacher within."

The Higher Mysteries

Esoteric Christianity

(Essays from the Metaphysical Section
of The New Enlightenment website)

There's a
Monkey Buddha
in all of us!
: )

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Da Vinci's Challenge Articles

I am going to use this post to keep an ongoing record of all the print and web articles that mention or feature the Da Vinci's Challenge board game.
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The News Journal of Delaware
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The Tennessean
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Wikipedia Article
Da Vinci's Challenge

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Bella Online - The Voice of Women
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Article by Tom Vasel

Rowan University News & Happenings
Classroom Project Becomes Award Winning Game

Toy Directory 2006 Preview
Da Vinci's Mancala
Da Vinci's Challenge Card Game

Boston Herald article (on WTOP website)
Marketer's Follow "Da Vinci" Success with Merchandise

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

StarWars Battlefront 2

Figured I might as well do a trilogy of Star Wars posts. I couldn't hold off getting Battlefront 2 after watching the Star Wars saga on Saturday. I enjoyed the first game, and they somehow made this even more fun.

*Any game that lets you be these guys
is on the top of my list:

Craziest Fight Scene Ever

Yoda vs. Emperor

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Star Wars Marathon

This past weekend, my sister Mandi & her husband Greg had a Star Wars Movie Marathon at their house. We watched all 6 movies in a row in a span of... 16 hours!!! There were a bunch of family & friends coming and going throughout the day, but us 3 and Mandi's friend Warren stuck out the whole saga.

We started Ep. I at 10AM and finished Return of the Jedi by 3AM the next morning. They had a projector hooked up to a laptop, and we used their large spare room as a mini-theater, with one entire wall as a screen. It made me not want to watch it on a regular TV! Both our family, Greg's family, and many of our friends are fans of the series, and this was an occasion we really enjoyed.

We were half-babbling burnouts by the last movie, but it was great to see the entire story play out at one time. The Emperor and Vader are just the best characters. Episode III, Revenge of the Sith is my favorite Star Wars movie, despite the cheesy love scenes & dialogue that even a 5 yr. old can make fun of. These movies are such a great source of entertainment and imagination, that things like ridiculously bad acting in a few scenes can be overlooked.

I actually predicted that Episode III was going to be called 'Revenge of the Sith' at least a couple years before the title was announced. I guessed it based on the names of the other prequels mirroring the original triology movies.
Don't believe me? I made this in 2002:

Monday, November 07, 2005

Meeting a Master - Alex Grey

This was a very exciting weekend for me.
I had the opportunity to attend a presentation by visionary artist Alex Grey called "In Search of Truth."

He was a great speaker who captivated everyone there with his wisdom, wit, and powerful art.

After the program, he was signing books and calenders for the people who attended.
His wife, Allyson, was trying to move the line along and selling calenders.
At first, it was kind of hectic, so my brother Justin & I waited for the crowd to die down.

When we did get to the table, I gave Allyson a copy of my "Da Vinci's Challenge" game for their family. Allyson gave me a hug, and Alex complimented the production value and look of the game! Alex asked me for some contact info, so I happily gave them my business card!!!

They took some time and talked to us, and Alex signed some items for us. Allyson was kind enough to give me a free copy of Alex's 2006 calender (Since there were alot of people standing around, she pulled me aside and said it would be a trade-off for the copy of the game that I gave them!)

All in all, it was a inspirational night that I will never forget.
Both Alex and Allyson were wonderful to us, and we left absolutely thrilled!
Even typing these words, my mind is still reeling from the fact that I had the precious opportunity to shake hands with a creative genius whose art has inspired me so greatly. (I tried to explain it to my Dad by telling him it would be like him getting to meet Eric Clapton.)

Alex Grey is my favorite living artist, and I consider him a modern master with a style and content that is as revolutionary as Cubism or Surrealism... it is a Visual Mysticism that must be seen to be appreciated.

I am posting a scan of the picture, called "Painting" he signed for me:
"To Paul - Blessings on your creative path - Alex Grey"

(click to enlarge)
I'm also posting an image of the picture that my brother Justin got signed,
called "The Visionary Origin of Language" that depicts our psychedelic cognitive beginnings.

Alex signed it with the unforgettable suggestion:
"To Justin - Listen to the Hyperspace Elves - Alex Grey"

(If Justin remembers to bring over the pic that he actually got signed, I'll scan & post that, too.)
This is close enough for now:

New Da Vinci's Challenge Box

You know what they say... there's always room for improvement.
Here's a sneak peek at the new Da Vinci's Challenge box that will be shipping in 2006.
(Click on each image for a larger version)

The side panel on the top of the box will list the awards the game has won:
I also made some improvements to the front of the box:

The "Da Vinci's Challenge Card Game" and "Da Vinci's Mancala" will also be in stores by this Spring.
(I'll post more about these games closer to their ship dates.)