Sunday, June 27, 2021

Summer Flowers & Wildlife

I love the summer & being outside in nature. Our house has a lot of plant & wildlife that I observe and am introducing my son to.

My wife and also enjoy gardening and have many flowering plants around our house. I've been taking pics of some of the beautiful blooms emerging this summer:

Nature Photography by Paul Micarelli

 These are awesome- fire red lilies that I planted last year & are one of my favorites:

A batch of these orange tiger lilies were already at the house, but I love when they bloom, too:

This might be my favorite flower, because I have been trying for a couple summers to get vines to cover a trellis, but the landscapers kept cutting it down. I had to put up barriers to prevent them from trimming the vines. Finally, the vines are covering the trellis & it has begun to flower!

Within the past couple days, a 2nd large, purple flower has bloomed on the vine!

Bunches of pastel blue/white/yellow hydrangeas:

As for wildlife, we have several creatures inhabiting our backyard, including 3 large groundhogs:

We also have wild turkeys. This momma & her chicks have been hanging around, and my mother-in-law snapped this photo of them standing on our deck railing!

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