Monday, July 12, 2021

Paul Giuseppe Micarelli: First 12 Months


I created this video from photos I took every month of my son's 1st year of life:

Paul Giuseppe Micarelli:
First Year, June 2020-2021 

It has been an awe-inspiring experience watching him grow and begin to develop a personality. My wife Loretta & I always knew he was going to be a strong spirit, but he continually amazes us with his willpower, intelligence, and sense of humor... even though he can't talk yet! 

Being a father has proved to be the most challenging, & simultaneously the most rewarding, experience of my life. It has allowed for little time to do things that I used to enjoy, but spending time with my little buddy and helping to raise him is my top priority. Nothing else matters when I see his smiling little Plumpkin Head. My years of cultivating mindfulness and appreciation of the present moment are now giving me the ability to deeply engage the process of raising this little child. 

I pray every day that he lives a long, healthy, & happy life, and that I get to see as much of it as possible. If his first year is any indication, he will have an eventful and memorable life. We feel blessed to have this light in our lives, & we hope he brightens up the world. I love you Paul Giuseppe Micarelli, my son!!!

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