Tuesday, October 05, 2021

3D Portraits by Hadi Karimi

  Salvador Dalí by Hadi Kamiri

I've had some experience in 3D computer graphics, and I love to see all the amazing artwork people create in that medium.

Artist Hadi Karimi digitally sculpts likenesses of historical figures in such a realistic manner that they look like photography. Being an expert in photo retouching, I can pick out fake images easily. However, these renderings are so convincing that they appear like real people, even to me.


The artistry displayed here is absolutely astounding. As I look over these portraits again, I am baffled that someone can even do this! Not only is the sculpting of the faces impressive, but the coloring & textures, hair, clothing, and especially the lighting all lend to the realism of these images.

For each portrait, there are multiple viewing angles, again adding to the sense of dimensionality of each figure.

I would highly recommend visiting the artist's website, to marvel at the technical and creative skill shown in these 3D renderings.

I believe this is a step to digitally re-creating people of the past - both famous and of personal importance. I could see an industry of providing "virtual loved ones" that can be seen and interacted with using VR or holograms.

Technology like Deep Nostalgia, combined with this kind of realistic 3D modeling, could allow a person to choose from a library of historical figures, or the creation of an AI-generated avatar based on personal photos and video. 

Maybe when my son is an old man, he will be able to generate a virtual version of me to converse with. People are inherently social and nostalgic creatures, so it would surprise me if that kind of application wasn't developed at some point in the future.

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