Sunday, January 16, 2022

Dear Alice - A Utopian Vision

This video by The Line Animation Studio presents a vision of a future where a green utopia results from a harmonious, symbiotic relationship between humans, technology, and nature:

Although it was created as an ad for Chobani, it transcends the usual corporate marketing, to provide a hopeful and authentic ideal that we could be striving toward.

When we look at the greed, economic oppression, environmental destruction, and reliance on the shittiest possible ways to do things that are prevalent in our world, it's easy to get totally disillusioned with humanity.

However, we have to remember that there are better ways, and practical solutions to the problems we face. It is through positive creative reinforcement, like this animation, that we can look for ways to develop a brighter future. I like how it personalizes the message through the letter to Alice from her grandmother. 

"Our job is to plant the seeds, so our grandchildren get to enjoy the fruit." 

It is a beautiful message, and having a child of my own has given me an even deeper appreciation for the future we need to fight for - not just for our own kids, but for the entire human race that will live on after we're gone.


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