Sunday, January 09, 2022

No Touch Baby System

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 "No Touch Baby System" - Wash Station 💦👶

This is a funny concept I've been wanting to make since my oldest nephew was born, 13 years ago. Now that I have a son, Paul Giuseppe, I finally decided to make this graphic... before he gets too old!

I originally posted this on the Facebook page for Paul Micarelli Design:

No Touch Baby System @PaulMicarelliDesign 

Before I had a child, I always said that I would do anything to care for my kids - except change their diapers! The idea of wiping up poop totally grossed me out. The idea of the "No Touch Baby System" was that a parent could just dip their kid into the Wash Station, & it would automatically clean their ass.

Well, after having a kid, I can proudly say that this is no longer a concern. In fact, I actually enjoy changing his diaper, since it gives me a chance to comfort him & sing to him songs I've made up - like "Stinky-Dinky Spider", "Monkey Submarine" (to the tune of Yellow Submarine, w/ monkey lyrics & sounds) and a country ballad called "Powder Them Balls".

I have become completely unfazed by getting baby crap on my hands & wiping up disgusting mounds of my son's poop. It's truly amazing how parenthood changes you. The downside is the worry and fear that comes with being responsible for a little human being, as well as the constant exhaustion. I have not once felt well-rested in the 1.5 years since he's been born. I can wake up after a decent night's sleep, and incredibly, I'm still tired. I've just come to accept it at this point. The upside is pretty much everything else.

I'm not sure having a No Touch Baby System would actually dramatically improve the ease of childcare, but it was fun to make this concept after having it on my mind for so many years!

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